who does these kind things,
these acts of charity?


The truth is we all do, to some extent.


The pages of this book tell the stories of regular people that ended up doing some extraordinary things. Answering the call to help is a very human trait. Which is comforting as you never know when you might be the one in need.


Unsung Heroes Cambodia includes stories about very successful people who cast aside their previous lives to help full-time; others that have felt their call while being tourists or reading about the plight; those that came to help for a week; and others who donated of a pair of piglets for just $25.


What they all have in common is that the outcomes are amplified to those in need far in excess of the benefit to the giver. What is insignificant to you can turn into being life saving and enriching to someone else and provide you a joy like no other.


We hope this book will remind you of the generosity and rewards experienced in your own life and inspire more.


our story

Lee Anderson had the idea for this book when she was investigating projects that she might contribute to in order to help. She was impressed by the range NGOs and the people who had dedicated their lives to making positive change happen in Cambodia.


After talking about it for several years, a friend stepped up to help and asked another if she’d like to join in. A year and half later, none of their lives are the same but all have been enriched by the experience of creating this not-for-profit book.


There are countless others who have contributed and supported us to bring this project into print. And more are joining us on our mission to inspire others, increase awareness, provide education and a call to action to help whether that is in giving of time, needed resources or money to help Cambodia recover from its relatively recent tragedy.

By the mere fact that you have visited this site, we count you too as part of the solution.


Many thanks for doing what you can to spread the word.



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Shawna Hartley, Lee Anderson and Kerryan Griffin: the Creative Team.


It’s been an unlikely crossing of paths for an American, an Australian, and a New Zealander to work on a project about Cambodia, but worthwhile.



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