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A web based survey of volunteers in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia has resulted in Unsung Heroes Cambodia being nominated as one of the Best Books for Volunteers in general and named as the winner in a subcategory as The Best Book on Volunteers in Cambodia.

“For a book that has only been in print for less than a year, this is a very surprising result,” stated co-author Lee Anderson. “And it is a great honour to be included in a list of Best Books for Volunteers along side titles like Lonely Planet and Volunteer Vacations.”

Best Book for Volunteers in Cambodia from Shawna Hartley on Vimeo.

INTERVIEW: Lee Anderson on Unsung Heroes Cambodia being named as one of the Best Books on Volunteering and being voted the Best Book on Volunteers in Cambodia.

‘Unsung Heroes Cambodia: People and Projects Making a Difference’ is a not-for-profit book that raises awareness and funds for the 40+ NGOs featured in it. It is a collection of short stories about volunteers and projects that have helped Cambodia recover from ‘ Year Zero’ that Pol Pot established by destroying all infrastructure and murdering everyone (3.3 million people) with any education of skills.

It features projects across diverse areas of focus and geography, both large and small, from all over the country. Projects that have been working from the beginning in the early 1990’s through to more recently established ones. NGOs included range from single person start-ups to well-known multinationals such as Room To Read and Wildlife Alliance.

The criteria to select which projects to include out of the 3,000 currently working in Cambodia today was diverse and included a grassroots approach and Best Practice policies.

The book provides insight on what what been done and what remains to be done. Additionally it contains a Volunteer Guide with practical information for potential volunteers with direct contacts to projects. Complex ethical considerations are also presented for consideration.

Survey results indicate that the book rates exceptionally high for providing Inspiration as well as Motivation. As a volunteer book it also provides a stunning view of what life is like in Cambodia through images taken all over the country.

It was the only Not-For-Profit book to make the list of Best Books for Volunteers.

‘Unsung Heroes Cambodia: People and Projects Making A Difference’ by Lee Anderson, Kerryan Griffin and Shawna Hartley (2013) is available in Cambodia at Monument Books, at select bookstores around the world, on Amazon and on the website

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