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From Unsung Heroes Cambodia: People and Projects Making a Difference

Kids playing in Pot from the camera of Liz Rose, but taken by a third Khmer boy

“This is one of the most gorgeous photography books I’ve seen in a long time,” reported Ron Herringe. “It is very beautiful and has some unusual shots.” High praise indeed for a book designed to be a collection of short stories on NGOs in Cambodia.

“We were hoping to inspire people to seek out ways to help others after reading the remarkable stories of those that set up NGOs in Cambodia,” says Shawna Hartley, one of the three co-authors.

There are over 40 stories on NGOs ranging from those that focus on education, clean drinking water, shelter, health care to the protection of wildlife and the environment.

While the close up shots of elephants and asian bears are endearing, there are also photos capturing everyday life that make so many people sigh. The man headed to market on his bicycle impossibly loaded with hundreds of baskets, monks dancing in the ruins of a temple, a boy washing his pig.

The photograph on the front cover ‘Awesome Farmer’ was taken by Mardy Suong who graciously donated its use to us. Mardy Suong is a young Cambodian professional photographer.   He is one of the leaders of ‘Cambodia Photo Player’, who through their photography highlight the wonders and beauty of Cambodia.

There are over 24 photographers that have contributed their work to this book. Some are Cambodian, others are visitors, but all have been able to capture the magic that exists.

A few have contributed multiple images to our book and deserve a special thanks: Carolyn Fletcher with 12 images, Mary Read with 7 images, Rob Anderson with 2 images, Kimi Anderson with 2 images as well as co author Lee Anderson with 12 images and co-author Kerryan Griffin with 19 images.

All have honoured us by donating the use of their images to our project, for which we are eternally grateful.

This larger format soft cover book has developed a reputation as one of the finest photography books on contemporary Cambodia

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