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Volunteer Appreciation Day video


A sassy little way to say THANK YOU to the unsung heroes everywhere. On THURSDAY there’s an great deal on the best volunteer book (according to volunteers around the world). ‘Unsung Heroes Cambodia’. See for more. “Such a

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Volunteer Appreciation Day – JUNE 19

Volunteer Appreciation Day is the day to celebrate unsung heroes everywhere. It’s also our big shout out to all those people who have helped us create UNSUNG HEROES CAMBODIA. The book features 40+ amazing people and projects but there are

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Best Volunteer Book awards

A web based survey of volunteers in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia has resulted in Unsung Heroes Cambodia being nominated as one of the Best Books for Volunteers in general and named as the winner in a subcategory as

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Volunteering…. Graduating into Mainstream

Back in the dark ages, when I was in high school, if you were a repeat offender of petty crimes, like being late to class, chewing gum and/or your uniform skirt being too short, the principal would resort to sentencing

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Best Books for Volunteers Survey

Some very interesting questions have come up and we would LOVE your input. What books would you recommend for volunteers? We are conducting a survey which will provide all of us some great resources. If you’d like to share any

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Tabitha Foundation Cambodia Named Top NGO for Volunteers

Tabitha Foundation has been singled out in ‘Unsung Heroes Cambodia’ for the amazing work being done by volunteers from all over the world in Cambodia…  and the media is talking about it. Each and every story in this book will

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Inside Unsung Heroes Cambodia book

Here’s the inside peek you’ve asked for. Click here to see it.

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‘Volunteering’ Radio Interview with Shawna Hartley

Trevor Langlands interviews ‘UNSUNG HEROES CAMBODIA’ co-author Shawna Hartley on his Arts and Entertainment show on 2MCR (community radio in Sydney) exploring the many aspects of volunteering. VOLUNTEERING TOPICS COVERED Why people volunteer in general, and why Cambodia has needed

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Cambodia book reviews in tmstimes

Nice review of our books on this great site: How To Help In Cambodia – Book Review By tmstimes February 6, 2014 – See more at:   People from all over the world are helping Cambodia recover from

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Arts are the DNA of a Culture

One of the relatively few Cambodian great masters to have survived the Khmer Rouge era, Kong Nay. Image courtesy

“If every child in the world learnt to play music, there would be no guns. We all learn to love through music” says Arn Chorn-Pond the founder of Cambodian Living Arts (CLA), genocide survivor and internationally acclaimed spokesperson for human

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