Volunteer in Cambodia ebook guide just released!

Ebook Guide for Volunteers,  Donors an Travellers

Ebook Guide for Volunteers, Donors an Travellers

‘How To Help In Cambodia: the eBook Guide for Volunteers, Donors and Travellers’ has just been released as a PDF or ePub version. Available on www.unsungheroes.net.au it costs just $4.99.

It is a valuable tool for travellers looking for opportunities to help; whether by donating funds or volunteer in Cambodia with their time or skills. It contains a practical guide as well as delving into complex issues and the ethics of voluntourism.

There are over 40 stories of NGOs and their founders that provide inspiration for anyone wanting to set up an NGO or work in one, as well as tips on how to ensure your donation to an NGO is doing the most good it possible can.

This ebook contains all the information contained in the large format book ‘Unsung Heroes Cambodia: People and Projects Making a Difference’ – including direct links to projects and resources.

What it doesn’t contain are the stunning photographs that reveal a side of Cambodia that most tourists never see. For that, you need to order a copy of the not-for-profit book. It was printed in Cambodia in order to benefit as many Khmer as possible.

“We hope this ebook will help those toying with the idea of going to Cambodia or going to help in Cambodia get a range of important information they need quickly and easily,’ said co-author Shawna Hartley. “We hope the short stories will inspire more people to help when they are able. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

‘HOW TO HELP IN CAMBODIA; eBook Guide for Volunteers, Donors and Travellers’ is available now as a PDF or ePub version – for only a short time. These versions are good for computers, iPhones, iPads and most ebook readers.
Soon it will be available ONLY as Kindle ebook through Amazon.

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