The Pol Pot Regime was overthrown 3 decades ago. The variety of NGOs that has come to help reveals much about community development.

Read first hand accounts from those that have started projects: some have hit the wall and no longer exist, while others have been reinvented or evolved to a new successful model.


Although there are over 3,000 NGOs in Cambodia today, this survey of over 40 NGOs – working across the full spectrum of needs – provides valuable insights for other NGOs as well as to those individuals who want to help.


·      How to evaluate an NGO to determine if it is benefiting those it claims to or just a few

·      What type of NGO has been most valuable in Cambodia

·      What lessons translate to other countries

·      What types of NGOs are there

·      Which NGOs need help and what type of help do they need




In this book you will find a wide variety of projects  – each revealing inside information not easily accessible anywhere else. You will find links to contact them directly to find out what they are most in need of today. These projects have been carefully selected to present you with an overview of what it takes to help a country recover … from large multinational involvement to single person start ups. Projects focus on: basic human rights (providing food, shelter, water) education, healthcare, protecting human rights, protecting the environment and wildlife, developing sustainable businesses and reviving the arts and culture.


From the brief overview of the history of the country beginning with 802 AD when Jayavarman II establishes the Kingdom of Angkor through to the leaders of the Khmer Rouge being arrested and charged with murder in 2008-2010 you will quickly gain some insight into this ancient civilization. The book’s stories do not dwell on that past but are framed to add depth to the ongoing history that is being made today as Cambodia recovers and reinvents itself for the future.



This book provides stimulating information on several academic levels:


Appropriate for modules in Geography, World History, Politics, Social Inequities, Global Inequalities, Voluntourism


Poignant research and insights on Community Development, Human Rights, NGO surveys





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