How One School Excursion Ended Up Changing The World … or How Tabitha Foundation started building desperately needed Cambodian homes with volunteers from all over the world

s Unsung Heroes Cambodia book cover sIn early 1995, Andy Payne, a teacher with United World College in Singapore, came to Cambodia and learned about Tabitha.

Andy wanted his students to come and learn about poverty through a volunteers experience. Tabitha Cambodia responded to this request by developing the house building project. The concept was to provide a learning experience that taught the recent history of Cambodia and to combine this learning with a practical experience of the impact on many people here. This was to be done through building a small home for a family in a village.

The experience proved to be such a success that it has continued drawing building teams from all over the world to build more than 1,000 houses annually.

Not only do high schools and universities participate, but individual volunteers as well as business and corporations sign up and show up to lend a hand where it is desperately needed.

The full story on Tabitha Foundation is featured in a new book Unsung Heroes Cambodia.

There are 40 more stories that will also give you ideas on how you can change the world for the better as well as provide some practical information and issues for contemplation.

The not–for–profit book can be purchased on

A bucket of rainwater contains many hundreds of thousands of individual drops of water. If you are able, please add to this bucket of compassion in whatever way you can:

* by buying the book which contributes funds to over 43 well deserving NGOs such as Tabitha, or

* finding a project in the book to donate money to, or

* becoming a volunteer, or

* simply spreading the word about this Unsung Heroes Cambodia project to your friends, family and social network.
Volunteers come in many different forms and guises.

The joy of helping others in need is a gift you give yourself.

Do something today, just one thing. It may turn out changing the world as much as Andy Payne’s school excursion did.

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