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This is a collection of short stories about extraordinary people and projects that are making a difference.
These interviews reveal honest appraisals of what has taken place over the last 3 decades in Cambodia. Each story includes just the right amount of context to provide you with an enhanced understanding of the situations and progress that has been made as well as frank admissions of what has been tried – and does not work – despite good intentions.
These stories will inspire you and provide you with a road map to follow as you step up to help those in need.
The second section of the book is a Volunteers Guide that contains valuable tips and insights; “things we wish we all would have know BEFORE we started out.”


CONTENTS: (a summary of the 40 stories)

Arts are the DNA of a Culture

Reviving the musical traditions of Cambodian culture.


Don’t Leave the Kids Behind

A Frenchman on his way to Japan stays to help street kids have a future in hospitality.


The Monks of Wat Damnak

Buddhist monks run a sewing school for women giving them a way out of poverty.


Education is the Best Way to Fight Poverty

A remote village school works closely with community chiefs to benefit their neediest.


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Making a Difference One Step at a Time

A successful program grows to encompass education, water filtration and a community loan bank.


Helping Women To Help Themselves

A women’s crisis centre provides safety, legal services, therapy, education and vocational training. Now they’re counselling men too, in order to stop the cycle of violence.


The Giant Puppet Parade

Once a year the streets of Siem Reap are taken over with a parade that empowers children.


Following Through

Many families live, forgotten, in slums along the Mekong River.  This is a story of how they are gaining hope through education.


Bringing Karma Into Sharp Focus 

Cambodia’s largest free sight centre was nearly destroyed by thieves. It survived thanks to the dedication and determination of a handful of eye experts.


Free The Bears

Bears that were once kept in cages as pets, milked for bile for medicine or had their paws cut off for a gourmet delicacy now have a strong advocate and a sanctuary in Cambodia.


Opportunities for This Life

Children are getting help through Scholarships, Pedal out of Poverty, Life Beyond Bars and other community grounded projects.


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Clean Water is a Human Right Not a Luxury

Polluted water creates a range of health problems particularly for children that are easily avoided with water filtration units.


Growing a Tree of Knowledge

A temple guide receives a seed of opportunity that ends up helping over 500 children.


The Will to Survive

Landmines are devastating souvenirs of war. Cambodia has received much help in their clearance.


Building Dreams on Strong Foundations

A micro banking program teaches the homeless to save and make their dreams come true.


Circus Builds Confidence

What started as a small school in Battanbang has resulted in world-class performing arts to enhance Khmer culture.


Who will stand up for the young girls that can’t protect themselves?

A young Australian professional creates a new form of activism to stop sex trafficking in South East Asia.


White Bikes, Love Cards and Fairy Tales

A Norwegian demonstrates three approaches to sustainable businesses in Siem Reap.


A Tour Through Green Gecko

A school / home for 69 kids run by a vivacious American woman and her Khmer husband that uses a holistic approach to help many of the families.


A First Hand View of When Retirement is not Retirement

Not willing to enjoy their empty nest, this English couple moved to care for another 250 children.


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An Elephant is Not a Tractor

There is a place where elephants can learn to be their inquisitive and playful selves.


Everything is Going To Be OK

A hospitality training school offers assurance for a better future.


Contemplating How So Little Can Make a Difference

An innovative design for inexpensive rain storage tanks using local materials that results in bringing fresh water to more than 500 schools and over 233,000 children.


Wildlife and Forest Advocacy
Bold, front-line conservation programs to save endangered wildlife populations from the brink of extinction through the help of tourists, government and Cambodians.

EPiC Signs of Success

A dream shared by 3 friends in the UK to bring people of all abilities together through the creative arts is thriving in Kampot with a café and arts centre.


The Fight Against Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

No longer will Cambodian children be defenseless.


Lessons From The Street

The Angkor Photo Festival framed the plight of street children and inspired a centre to provide them access to education, food, healthcare, social services and a creative outlet.


Hope for Cambodian Children

Addressing the problem of HIV/ AIDs in Cambodia.

Guiding Cambodia’s Public Education System

A Khmer oversees the establishment of 1,500 libraries, publication of 124 original Khmer children’s books titles, and the improvement of national educational materials.


Leaving a Legacy

The textile industry is brought up to sophisticated standards by a nurturing Australian entrepreneur.


Sustaining Wildlife and Communities through Ecotourism

Conservation of Cambodia’s biodiversity has earned an international reputation.


Building Blocks to a Bright Future

An American couple help by founding a school in the countryside.


Beyond the Khmer Rouge

A Cambodian/Australian, her journey, and her way of giving back to her birth country.


The Umbrella Tree Provides Shelter

Giving homeless children a place to go.


Leaving Hollywood for Good

What happens when a successful film professional decides to help those in desperate need.


How a Blind Man became a Visionary Leader

Thieves blinded a young Cambodian but his determination to find a fulfilling life leads to the spread of Massage clinics across Cambodia.


Threads Of Hope

Cambodia’s silk industry is recovering thanks to small enterprises that support weavers.


Connecting Communities, Environment and Responsible Tourism

A central information hub that puts people wanting to help together with people and projects that need help.


If you want to see how the actual book looks, please Click Here to see a few sample spreads.

The Essential Volunteering Guide:

Responsible Volunteering

Voluntourist Experiences

Volunteering – Essential Curriculum?

Childsafe Network Guidelines

Orphanages are a Complex Issue

Tips for Travellers

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