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The newspapers are full of stories about volunteers who – despite have good intentions – have inadvertently caused more harm to the very people they sought to help. This book will reveal an inside view of volunteering that every volunteer needs to know about. The experiences of this amazing collection of people who have come to answer Cambodia’s cry for help will inspire and delight you. Whether you are interested in Cambodia or in supporting someone in need – in any country, this book will reveal how you can avoid the pitfalls and play a small part in making the world a better place.

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Unsung Heroes Cambodia, a book with 168 pages, is a not-for-profit project designed to raise awareness as well as funds for worthy projects in Cambodia. Not only is it a beautiful photography book but it will inspire others to visit Cambodia or to help in whatever ways they can.

Please buy as many copies as you can and give as gifts  — and encourage others to do the same.

This stimulates the Cambodian economy while also providing direct support to the projects.


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UNSUNG HEROES: CAMBODIA - Large format, soft cover book with stunning photography

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Designed specifically for travellers that are interested in finding the information they need to locate good projects on the road. This Ebook Guide is filled with issues for contemplation as well as inspirational stories and information that is hard to find.


What you won’t find are any of the gorgeous photographs which are impressive in a coffee table book and frustratingly slow for a download.


How to Help in Cambodia is an invaluable tool for any voluntourist.

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The not-for-profit book makes an ideal gift for someone you know… that is interested in gorgeous photography, travel, helping others, Cambodia, NGOs, volunteering their time, donating to those who need help or being inspired by others that have done amazing things.

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