Volunteer Appreciation Day – JUNE 19


A day to say THANK YOU for all you do

Volunteer Appreciation Day is the day to celebrate unsung heroes everywhere. It’s also our big shout out to all those people who have helped us create UNSUNG HEROES CAMBODIA.

The book features 40+ amazing people and projects but there are hundreds of people behind the scenes that add very valuable time and energy. And that includes everyone who has done something as simple as buying a meal at a small cafe or training restaurant to buying locally made products in Cambodia or in your neighborhood.

Today we want to especially thank all those volunteers who voted for our book as one of the Best Books for Volunteers in general and THE BEST BOOK ON VOLUNTEERING IN CAMBODIA.

On Amazon.com we’ll be offering the book at 30% off as well as giving away a copy of  ‘HOW TO HELP IN CAMBODIA: an eBook Guide for Volunteers, Travellers and Donors’ – its the go-to directory for anyone going to Southeast Asia.

For businesses wanting to get on the good deals – buy 10 copies and get 5 beautiful silk scarves from Cambodia!

This is a great time to get a gorgeous book for yourself – to give to inspire someone to go be a volunteer – and know that you will be supporting 40 NGOs in Cambodia through the purchase of this not-for-profit book.

And to everyone who has helped us put together this amazing project .. a million thanks from us. It would not be the gorgeous book it has turned out to be or the success that it has been in helping so many volunteers find their way and the boost for so many good projects that need a hand in helping Cambodia get back on its feet.


Lee Anderson has an exciting announcement … about Unsung Heroes and Volunteer Appreciation Day.

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