‘Volunteering’ Radio Interview with Shawna Hartley

Trevor Langlands interviews ‘UNSUNG HEROES CAMBODIA’ co-author Shawna Hartley on his Arts and Entertainment show on 2MCR (community radio in Sydney) exploring the many aspects of volunteering.


Why people volunteer in general, and why Cambodia has needed volunteers in particular.

What types of NGO projects have been needed to help the country rebuild itself.

International charity scams and negative media are discussed as well as information on  how volunteers can avoid them.

What are the top 3 things that volunteers – and tourists – should never do when travelling to a third world country?

What age is best for being a voluntourist?

How does it happen that ones good intentions can actually being doing harm to the very people who need help?

What can listeners do today to help in a small way that will have long range and long term benefits?

And finally, what’s next?

Celebrating volunteers … The Next book in the series

Stay tuned, feel free to put forth a guess, or contact us if you are publisher!

Hartley 2MCR Trevar radio interview

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