Helping those in need is a great honor and can be a life changer – for everyone involved – especially when in a country as beautiful as Cambodia.

But it is not something to do impulsively without becoming aware of the pitfalls and how to avoid them.


·      Did you know that giving coins to children on the street could be sentencing them to a lifetime of poverty?


·      Did you know that ‘orphanages’ in Cambodia have tripled in the last decade while the numbers of orphaned children has dramatically declined? Tourist interest in visiting orphanages to help has created an industry where children are taken from their parents and created a virtual shopping mall for pedophiles.


·      Do you know how to ask the right questions to discover if an NGO is living high on the hog with donated funds or doing the most to benefit those who are in dire need?


These are just a few of the complex issues surrounding volunteering that you will become aware of through reading this book. There is a Volunteers Guide with tips and practical information.


Get the inside scoop on over 43 different projects from working with elephants and bears, to teaching English or helping provide shelter, clean drinking water or health care.


And you’ll learn how you can be sure that your presence in the country will NOT do more harm than good.


Spending money in the country (like buying school supplies that you will donate) is often less expensive than bringing them with you AND it helps the Cambodian selling them. That’s a WIN-WIN.


Best Souvenirs: locally made products like silk scarves (easy to carry)


Or this book!

Fresh from the printers - Unsung Heroes Cambodia. Large format (a4),168 pages, plus soft cover weighing in at almost a kilo.

Fresh from the printers – Unsung Heroes Cambodia. Large format (a4),168 pages, plus soft cover weighing in at almost a kilo.

‘Unsung Heroes Cambodia’ not only provides a great summing up of the history of the country, why they need help and some incredibly inspirational stories about those who have come to help by volunteering – like you. PLUS it’s filled with stunning photography.


We’ll even ship it home for you so you don’t have to carry it.  And because it’s a not-for-profit project that benefits the 40+ projects featured, it’s also a WIN-WIN.







If you are interested in having this volunteering information at your fingertips to read while you are on the road in Asia – there is an eBook version – includes all this great need to know info along with direct links to projects to make it easy for you to contact them for more information. Get it at Amazon (kindle) or here.


Ebook Guide for Volunteers, Donors and Travellers

Ebook Guide for Volunteers, Donors and Travellers

What it doesn’t have is any of the stunning photos in the UNSUNG HEROES CAMBODIA book, which are slow to load.


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